Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad NV

Segura Viudas Reserva HeredadThis must be one of the most recognisable bottles of wine around, the solid metal base and metal coat of arms as the label are quite striking.  Perfect for any medieval occasion you may be planning, also very handy in a bar fight. 

So what is the wine like?  Well, its very similar to the Vintage Brut, but more refined.  In fact it may be the same wine blended from multiple vintages .

Just the right amount of fizz.  The nose has a big wack of green apple with a light influence of bread and nuts.  Very good balance, every thing is in its place.  Very refreshing and enjoyable.   While not as complex as many champagnes, there is a good deal of complexity to go with the green apple and lemon:  almonds, walnuts and minerals.  Long smooth finish that keeps you coming back for more.  A very good wine with some outrageous packaging.  88 Pts.

Source: Retail Cost: $34 Closure: Conventional Cork