Vega Sicilia Unico 1975

Vega Sicilia Unico 1975It was my birthday earlier in the week, so I pulled out nice bottles to celebrate.  I had heard a couple of knowledgeable people say that the 75 Unico was at the point where it needs to be drunk, so I bought this one at auction to check its progress.  I have another in the cellar that I'm saving for my 35th.

Level still in the neck, a bit of label damage but nothing too bad.  A good punt I thought at the time.  Turns out I was right.  The cork came out in one piece, in really good nick actually.  I'd left the bottle standing up for a day and opened it a couple of hours before drinking.

A deep purple core with light red and orange around the edges.  The nose is a monster with all the aromas you would expect, ripe plums, light cherry, earth, leather  and an anise/licorice combo.  And then some that you wouldn't some ripe apple and wild flowers.  For a 32 year old wine its still very intense, but open and ready for business.  From the start the tannins have lovely texture that is pure velvet and the structure of the wine is amazing, layers of flavour framed by great tannins and perfect balance.  As soon as it hit my mouth, I wanted to drink it very slowly and savour it.  Plums, black currents, ripe cherry,  a bit of dark chocolate are just a few of the flavours on the palate.   Mind blowing wine, drink it by itself.  I don't think anything could make it better. Only the 70 is better for my tastes. Time to drink up?  Pffftt not going on this bottle.  It will do another 10 years standing on its head (or side).  99 Pts.

Source: Auction Price Range: $340-$360 Closure: Conventional Cork