The Spanish Acquisition August Tasting

TSA tasting August 2007For some reason I decided not to write up tastings when I started out, something about not being able to do the wine justice in such a small window.  I'm still not happy to give a full tasting note or score from a tasting, but I now think a quite impression is more helpful than not.  Plus I can keep all my notes in one place…

I turned up to the Tea Rooms at the Supper Club, notebook in hand, to have a look at most of the 04/06 Telmo Rodriguez gear, new Cillar de Silos, Cellars Capcanes and some other stuff.  The TSA crew were well setup and in full swing.  There where also some interesting back vintages and a vertical of Torresilo 00,03,04, and 05 which gave me a good view of the the 03, 04 and 05 vintages and confirmed in my mind that 04 is not all that it is hyped to be for all the regions of Spain.  In fact I'd say Dr. Jay has it wrong with his statements that 05 is a good vintage, but not up to the standard of 04.  I don't think you can be that black and white about a whole country's wine production.  The 03s are looking very good at the moment too.

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