Gonzales Byass ‘Elegante’ Medium Dry Amontillado

Gonzales Byass 'Elegante' Medium Dry AmontilladoNow, this is a blend of Amontillado and PX. I’m not too sure on why Gonzales Byass has a fascination with adding PX to perfectly good Palomino based sherry, but here is another example. I’m assuming that this is a throw back to the bad old days of exporting a range of sweetness levels to the UK. Anyway, it doesn’t blow my skirt up.

A nose of sweet, robust wood and walnuts with a hint of raisins. The palate is a odd, a mild level of sweet raisins, but then a hit of savoury nuts and old oak, a bit of coco too. A short finish showing a bit of alcohol heat, but its smooth from start to finish. It’s well made, and the nose is OK, but it just doesn’t come together as a drink. 80 Pts.

Source: Broadway Liquor Distributors Price: $17 Closure: Cork Stopper

Web: www.gonzalezbyass.com