2 days in Paris

dawn in ParisI think this post is more of an excuse to put up this photo of dawn in Paris than anything else…Just a quick stop in Paris on our way to Spain. A couple of days of eating and drinking, endless walking and a wee bit of shopping. The important part is the eating and drinking, of course. Not much in the way of Spanish wine around, but that’s not what you come to Paris for! There is a fair bit of Port available here, I’m told France is one of the bigger markets for Port. Anyway, a bit of Bordeaux and Burgundy never go astray.

While it’s only our second time in France, I can’t say that I have the same love for France that I do for Spain or Portugal. Don’t get me wrong, I like the place and its a great place to visit, but Spain seems to fit like my favourite old pair of jeans, as soon as I get off the plane I feel at home. Having a bit of Spanish under my belt helps to make things more comfortable I guess. Anyway, I’ll be there tomorrow night, tucking into a plate of Jamon and a half bottle of Manzanilla by 9pm…Que bueno!

La Vendimia 2008

la-vendimia-08After a fairly indulgent Christmas/New year period and start of a new year, I usually think it’s time for a couple of weeks of detox. Well not detox really, just a couple of weeks to a month of not drinking. Given I’ve got almost a month of eating and drinking in Spain coming up in a couple of weeks, it seems like the wise thing to do. So it will continue to be fairly quiet here at Tinto y Blanco for a couple of weeks…

This time in Spain I’m having a bit more of a holiday and I’m focusing more on food than a full on wine adventure: lazy days with long lunches, lots of jamon and roasted lamb, and of course a bit of wine here and there. Of course I can’t help but have a couple of appointments in and around Bierzo, plus a couple more in Rioja to get the low down on the 2009 vintage. I’ll post up some notes as we going along…Oh and another thing. If you haven’t checked out the new (or not so new) Movida book “Movida Rustica”, do check it out. From the brief look I’ve had so far it looks like its full of ‘real’ Spanish food.

Anyway on to the wine. Love the label and the 2008 is much better than the 2007 that was around for a little while mid last year. Fresh raspberry and earth is the first thing on the nose, it opens out to show some cherry and a little herb. Easy to drink, but still kind of serious and savoury at the same time. Meaty with soft tannins, its a little light in the acid department. Very likeable with a nice hunk of goat. 88 Pts.

Source: The Spanish Acquisition Price: $27 Closure: Conventional Cork

Web: www.vinosherenciaremondo.com