Torres ‘Salmos’ 2005

Torres started making wine in Priorat a couple of years ago, they aren’t just buying some grapes and renting some space, instead they built a new winery, bought some vineyards and have kept very true to the style and nature of this tiny region. This is the first release, it is cracking value. A blend of garnacha, syrah, carinena, and cabernet sauvignon bunged in new french oak for 9 months. This is much less structured and tannic than many wines from this region, otherwise all the trademark characters are there. Personally, I think it’s good to see the softer side of Priorat from time to time.

Torres Artium Melot 2006

These Torres wines are difficult for me to review for a couple of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that they are quite good, enjoyable wines, but they aren’t very Spanish. It was quite trendy in the late 70s and early 80s to plant things likeCabernet and chardonnay in your vineyard to try and sell to the mass market. There are still plenty of companies that make good money doing this, and it serves a purpose (making money for the shareholders seems to be the main one, but I have nothing against that). Personally I would rather see a garnarcha blend that reeks of Spain (such as Sangre de Toro, which really is Torres’s best wine for me)…

Torres Gran Vina Sol 2006

Its good to see some Torres gear still hitting the shelves, they seem to have been forgotten in many parts and relegated to the bargain bin. Torres tend to use a high proportion of ‘international’ varieties such as Cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay, while I am not too keen on this I do think that many of their wines are good drinking and good value. I have a couple of their wines in at the moment, including their new Priorat venture.

Cillar de Silos Torresilo 2006

These 2006 wines for Cillar de Silos are looking quite smart. I’d rate this on par with the 05, which was very impressive in my book. If you don’t have any of this in your cellar and you’re a fan ofRibera del Duero you could do a lot worse than a couple of bottle of this in the cellar. A trio of Alion, Pesquera and this would be a very interesting look at modern style Ribera del Duero in 10 years…

Cillar de Silos Torresilo 2003

I've been lucky enough to have a look at the 03 and 04 vintages of Torresilo side by side over the last couple of days.  I had a bottle of the 03 late last year, but it was corked.  This time around, no cork issues and this bottle certainly lived up to expectations.  As a bonus, […]

Cillar de Silos Torresilo 2003

I thought I'd try something big and juicy to start of the tasting notes for the year.  I'd tasted this wine in Spain at the start of last year and remembered the intense sour cherry fruit, balance and restrained power of this wine.  There was none of that in this bottle however, it was acidy, dirty […]

Torres Viña Sol 2005

Parellada.  No its not a type of pasta, its a grape variety native to north eastern Spain that is used for both still and sparkling wines.  You may have heard of it if you drink a bit of Cava.  Torres Viña Sol is made from 100% Parellada, fermented in stainless steal to produce a fresh, […]

Torres Sangre de Toro 2004

The newly released Sangre de Toro found its way to my desk the other day and I though 'I'll save this for a nice cool night'.  Well the next day it was snowing on the Dandenongs (for those in the northern hemisphere, it is apparently two weeks to summer here in Melbourne), time to crack […]