Palate Strike

toungeI've got a bad case of the flu at the moment, so there hasn't been a lot of drinking going on at casa Tinto y Blanco in the last week.  I've got a couple of notes of wines I tasted last weekend, so I'm posting these up in the mean time.  I should be back on track early this week.

The one thing I did manage to have a look at during the week was a tasting of some very interesting and tasty Portugese wines and ports.  I will be adding some portugese wines in to the tasting list as they become availble.  If you have any sugestions, I'd be very interested in what is available in Australia.

10 thoughts on “Palate Strike

  1. Dave,

    Hope you recovery quickly.
    As a doctor, this is what I dread almost more than anything else – getting a cold and not being able to taste wine!

  2. Dave,

    As a Portuguese, a and a reader of you page, I am so glad to know that you find portuguese wines (including Port) interesting. In fact, the last vintages (2000 onwards) have been the finest for some long time. Red wines from Douro valley and Alentejo region have been superb.


  3. You should be seeing a few Portugese wines showing up here this year. I have found a few wines here in Melbourne, but one of the Spanish wine importers is starting to import some Portugese gear as well.

    Can you reccomend a couple of wines to look for?

  4. Dave,
    See below for a short-list.
    Have a grape day.

    Batuta 2004 (Nieeport) – Douro
    Charme 2004 (Nieeport) – Douro
    Quinta do Vale Meão 2004 (F. Olazabal) – WS Dec. 06 – 97 pts. – Douro
    Meandro 2004 (F. Olazabal) – WS, Dec. 06 – 92 pts. – Douro
    Quinta do Vallado Reserva 2003 – Douro
    Quinta do Castro Reserva (old vines) 2004 – WS Dec. 06 – 91 pts. – Douro
    Quinta do Castro Touriga 2004 – Douro
    Esmero 2003 – Douro
    Cortes de Cima Reserva 2003 – Alentejo
    Quinta de Pancas Premium 2003 – Estremadura
    Quinta do Monte d’ Oiro Reserva 2003 – Estremadura

    Muros Antigos Alvarilho 2005 (Anselmo Mendes) – Minho
    Soalheiro Alvarilho 2005 – Minho
    Redoma Reserva branco 2005 (Nieeport) – Douro
    Grandjó Late Harvest (Real Companhia Velha) – Douro

  5. Hi there glad to check that some portuguese wines reach so far as Australia!
    Just a suggestion to change the name of your blog and include the adventures to Portugal as well
    G Day

  6. Hey guys,,,, does anyone know how can I contact the Nieport producers? where are they situated? there are no contact number on the net…. thanks a lot…

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