Back home after a quick trip to Rioja

img_6109 I’ve just got back from a long weekend in La Rioja that I’d tacked on to the end of a work trip. Not a lot of formal tasting, I did catch up with Scott Wasley from the Spanish Acquisition, plus the crew he’s taking around Spain, for a big session at Roda and visited a few of my favorite small producers.

But the main purpose was to catch up with some friends, eat some home cooking, drink, talk crap and generally enjoy the place. Sunday lunch at Etxebarri was a knockout as always. Followed by a extended afternoon refreshment (about 3 litre of white wine is refreshing apparently) makes for an almost perfect sunday. Oh and shopping for Spanish food products that we either can’t get here or we pay way over the odds for. I’m sure the nice lady at Australian customs thought I was mad having a suitcase full of anchovies, tuna, peppers, olive oil and honey! More to come…

2 thoughts on “Back home after a quick trip to Rioja

  1. Hello David, just saw your web page for the first time and am quite impressed! Hope I can find some of your wines in Japan so that I can try them.
    Hope to see you again somewhere in Australia soon.

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