Where to buy Spanish wine

You can get a half decent bottle of Spanish wine from just about anywhere these days, most retailers will have at least a cava or a Rioja on offer. However there are a few that stand out. I’ve chosen those with a good selection of wines and sherries, good product knowledge and importantly good pricing.

This is a limited list of retailers (in no particular order) that I have either purchased from or had a good chat to about Spanish wines and are happy to recommend. The list is mainly for Melbourne, as that’s where I live, but if you have a favourite store that you buy from, drop me an email and I am happy to look at adding them to the list.

Reccomended Retailers:

Boccaccio Cellars: A great range of wines from just about all of the importers. Some of the best prices around, Anthony drinks a lot of Spanish himself, so he has very good knowledge and is more than happy order in stuff that he doesn’t stock. Shop online or drop by and have a chat.

Winestar: Again, a great range from all of the importers at great prices. Bert and the guys will help you out with what ever you need. Bert’s been known to have the odd glass of the Spanish stuff and knows what he’s talking about if you need a hand.

Rathdowne Cellars: These guys know Sherry and this place is heaven for Sherry nuts . Cam and the crew have just about every sherry on the market and will let you know what is drinking the best at the moment. I’m always bumping into the guys at tastings. A diverse selection of wines and regular in-store tastings as well.

Randall’s Hawthorn: Stew and Tom at Randall’s in Hawthorn have a great range and really know their Spanish and Portuguese gear. I’m sure the other stores will get what every you like in too.

North Sydney Cellars: Jules and the team from NSC have a very good range of Spanish gear on offer, with some great case price deals and features on Spanish wine from time to time. Drop in and have a look around or order on line.

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  1. Oh boy, have you made a rod for your own back with this one…

    East End Cellars cover a pretty good range in Adelaide and I seem to remember the Pesquera and Condada de Haza being there with the Spanish Acquisition lines but I’m getting old

    Five Ways in Paddington Sydney cover the Spanish Acquisition lines. Best Cellars too I think.

    Broadway cellars in Glebe wholesale a load of stuff in as well as selling it retail from their shop. They have more recently employed a pommie guy who seems to know his stuff. They have in the past mostly concentrated on Trad styles but have upped their game recently.

    The bottle shop in Petersham in Sydney has a range of Portuguese wines they import and retail – just be careful with the old stock.

  2. Thanks Larry. I usually just send of an email to the importer and they let me know who’s got what. And you’re right, East End Cellars have a range of Spanish gear and if they don’t have what you want in stock they will be able to order it in for you.

    Chris, if you get stuck just drop me an email and I’ll put you on to the importers.

  3. Dave,
    Do you know where I can buy half a dozen bottles of Coto de Hayas Reserva 2003? I live in Sydney.

  4. They stock stuff from Toro, Broadway and quite a few other small importers. A decent range – better than many. Tell you what…I can get me pencil out and make a list or call you from the store. They have a few things I don’t think i have seen you review. They had that Coto de Hayas Centenaria priced at $16….I bought 3 bottles…I casually mentioned this to someone at work and they went back and bought 6 + a 10 or 20% discount! Opps. I did not feel inclined to point out the price because generally they are quite exxy. Then again profit is not a dirty word..and then gain

  5. They sound like they should be on the list, if you have time to take a note or give me a the next time you’re in that would be great, but don’t bust a lung getting down there.

    I just had a look at their cattledog, not much in the way of Spanish, but the ad for Byron Bay ale is quite impressive.

  6. I went into Annandale cellars yesterday and they had a range with Pesquera, Condada de Haza and Coto de Hayas (didn’t see the riserva though). No bargains but an interesting range. Also trading in Cremorne if you live if you live on the dark side.

    Camperdown cellars can be a bit of a mixed bag and is not cheap. Beware of old stock standing up for ages.

  7. I am trying to locate a supplier/distributor in Qld for Casal Garcia (vinho verde) a Portugese white wine

  8. Hi Wayne, I can’t find anyone who imports it, but I know its around. I’ve only seen it in Sydney, but I’ll ask around and see if I can find something out for you.

  9. wayne & dave
    the importer is elite wines which is the wholesaler arm of petersham liquor mart phone 02 9560 2414
    they specialise in portuguese wines

  10. My fiance and I just returned from a two week vacation in Spain and we now want to buy spanish wine in Perth. Where do you recommend we go? We also have no issue buying online. Here are some of the ones we are looking for

    Marces De Riscal Reserva 2001
    Mas D’en Compte Negre 2005 Priorat
    Domino De Tarres 2005
    Predicador Rioja 2006
    Enate Rioja
    Vina Tondonia Reserva
    Comportillo Gran Reserva 2001
    Vizcarra Senda Del Oro Roble 2006

  11. Hi we have just got back from Spain and had some really good wines. Out favorite was Rioja San Vicente 2004 can you please advise if there is anyone in Melbourne who stocks and sells it.

    Thanks Marita

  12. Dave

    I have a wine lunch on the w/e and need to find a Tempranillo (Australian variety to be tasted against a spanish) and a sparkling.

    Can you recommend any retailers in Perth for a range of spanish wine and what is the best Aussie temptanillo that may hold up against the spanish?


  13. I don’t know any retailers in Perth, but I have sent off a couple of emails to find out…however Toro wines are based in Perth, so you could give them a call (look on the importers page)

    The best Aussie Tempranillo is a hard call, but here are a few that I like, all of these would stand up to the challenge:

    Tim Adams Reserve Tempranillo (Match with Roda I 2004)
    Pondalowie (unwooded, match this against Dehesa Gago 2006)
    Mt. Mount Majura Tempranillo (match against Muga Reserva)
    Stella Bella (Match against Gago 2005 or Numanthia 2005)

  14. Also, you review a lot of Broadway Cellars wines but have not mentioned that they have a retail outlet (not on Broadway for many years now):
    Broadway Cellars, 96 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, NSW, 2037

    They have a limited range of small goods like paprika.

    On the topic of paprika, I notice we have gone from the situation where Spanish smoked paprika was almost impossible to find in Oz to the point where it is almost impossible to find unsmoked Spanish paprika. I went into a store the other day and they had maybe 4 – all smoked. Who stocks unsmoked Spanish sweet paprika?

  15. Hey Larry,

    I have Broadway in the importers section…

    I know that Casa Iberica in Melbourne have some (I bought some on the weekend). If you are really desperate, send me an email and I’ll send some up to you.

  16. im also looking for a place that sells casal garcia in melbourne (or australia). anyone got any clues

  17. the importers are elite wines in sydney.they have a retail shop called petersham liquor mart they bring that wine plus a large selection of portugues wines

  18. I am redeveloping a beautiful 1933
    waterfront restaurant in Sydney, to be completed this summer. The theme Meditterean Cusine With a very strong Spanish influence. licensed for 400pax with wedding events as well. I am going to Spain to check for companies who export to Australia. I am going to Madrid does anyone have wine people I can meet when I am there?

  19. Hi David,

    I’m not sure what you are after, are you looing for companies that export wine to Australia from Spain? Are you looking to import wine or buy it here?

    I think you would be better off contacting the local importers before heading off to Spain, as usually the Producer in Spain has very little to do with the end sale to a restaurant/bar/person etc. Also most don’t have offices in Madrid.

    Drop me an email (dave@tintoyblanco.com.au) and we can talk more…

  20. hi david
    if you want to look at spanish wines here in sydney give me a call on 0414744633 we import a large range of wines beers and also food.We also may have some of the companies based in madrid waiting to hear from you…..

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