Artazuri Garnacha Rosado 2006

Artazuri Garnarcha Rosado 2006Rose style wines aren't just for summer when its 40 degrees and your sitting under a tree eating a dodgy ham and cheese roll from a picnic hamper.  I like to drink rose all year round and it is a perfect match for so many foods.  One of the key things with rose for me is to use it as a food wine, that is its real place in life.  So, you don't want huge flavours but you do want a good wack of acid for freshness, balance and length.  A bit of texture is nice.  Dry or with a bit of sweetness depends on the food, an off dry rose works very well with a salad with bitter leaves and blue cheese.  But of course, you don't make friends with salad.

Anyway, Artazuri is a project from the good people at Artadi, the famed Rioja producer.  100% Garnacha with a little skin contact for that lovely colour.

Looks like petrol in the glass, the old unleaded stuff.  A subtle nose of strawberry, mountain herbs, a little bit of earthiness and raspberry.  Crisp and fresh in the mouth with a pleasing level of acid, good weight and texture.  The palate mimics the nose for the most part, subtle and dry with a mid-length finish.  Excellent with food.89 Pts.

Source: The Spanish Acquisition Price: $20 Closure: Conventional Cork

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  1. It’s a fantastic wine proving how well Spain is in producing roses. Very few wines, from France, can match this wine.

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