Bodegas Pirineos Mesache Blanco 2007

img_4917To be honest, I was a bit dubious about this one. A blend of late harvested Macabeo with some Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer doesn’t usually get my juices flowing, and while this isn’t going to spur on a wild planting spree of Macabeo around the world, its a good drink. As a side note, this wine uses Normacork to seal the bottle. This is the only synthetic cork that I’ve seen so far that works well and looks somewhat normal. It doesn’t get stuck on the corkscrew either…

The nose is rich and full of lemon, melon and pear with freshly toasted spices. It has an odd sweet and sour thing going on in the mouth, acid cutting through oily texture. I’m a real sucker for these wines were texture and mouthfeel are emphasised, and this provides plenty to enjoy. More tart lemon with sweet melon in the mouth, a bit of herby gear and something a bit minerally to the acid. I’m sure plenty of people will hate this, it is a bit odd, but I quite like. An excellent match to some pan fried chili chicken. 87 Pts.

Source: Broadway Liquor Distributors Price: $18 Closure: NormaCork