Castro Martin Albariño 2005

Castro Martin Albarino 2005Its been a while since I've had an albarino, now is the perfect time to start getting stuck in.  I still haven't seen a lot of Australian albarino yet, I hear its going in all over the place.

Light in colour, a slight hint of gold. Classic albarino nose of white peach, jasmine and green apple, not as aromatic as the 04, but I may have it a little bit too cold. Fresh and tight in the mouth, crisp acid, lemon, honeydew melon, and a bit of white peach.  Nice and oily too.  There is a herb tang when its cold, but it disappears as the wine warms up.  All I need now is a big plate of mussels or pulpo de galicia. 89 Pts.

Source: Rathdowne Cellars RRP: $30 Closure: Synthetic Cork


3 thoughts on “Castro Martin Albariño 2005

  1. I like this. A different style to what Valminor are doing, and yet not at the very crisp end of the albarino spectrum (such as the Santiago Ruiz).

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