Paternina Reserva 1995

Paternina Reserva 1995It is amazing what you can find in bottle shops these days, but I very surprised to see this on the shelves.  This wine is very old school, just the type of thing that turned generations of wine drinkers off Rioja.  Even the label is very old school.  You could summarise these type of wines as not having a lot of fruit, but loads of old oak and oxidative handling, a bit of brett and a musty character that you just can't describe.  Some people like this style (i do at times) and you will find wines like this is bars and bottle shops all over Spain.

I couldn't find much information on this wine, but the company seems to have a large number interests and a very unhelpful web site.

The wine is muddy ruby in colour with some orange at the edges.  The nose starts off with nail polish remover and moves on to varnish, leather, earth and a wiff of stable waste.  The first sip is a bit odd, aldehyde and tinned corn, but this blows off to reveal light mulberry fruit, liquorice, earth and the taste of what I can only describe as musty old barrels and cow pat.  Not recommended for those looking for fresh, clean, fruity wine.  Generally, wine faults detract from the wine, in this case they are the attraction!  86 Pts.

Source: Retail RRP: $30 Closure: Conventional Cork


6 thoughts on “Paternina Reserva 1995

  1. Shaggy

    I don’t think I have ever tried a Spanish wine but it does look interesting! How did you get started on Spanish wine?

    BTW thanks for the link – I have reciprocated

  2. It’s more than just the wine really, the food and lifestyle are great too. There’s a lot going on in the Spanish wine scene at the moment, old regions being rediscovered, new regions start up etc. It helps that the wine isn’t too bad as well :P

    You’ll have to get a bottle and see what you think, there are some similarities and differences to the aussie gear, but I think you’d like it.

  3. Dave

    Sorry for the delay in responding – August is a hectic month! I will do just that, in fact if I can get to the Wine Emporium this Saturday I might just try one. Thanks!

  4. Trust me, in a few decades Spanish wines will be broadly considered (among) the best in the world (top 3 or something close). It’s only a matter of time, Spanish food in general is totally undervalued. Luckily things are starting to change, little by little…

    Paternina is a well-known brand in Spain.

  5. I just drank this bottle last night. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it on the shelf at my local off licence (convenient store) for £7.00 a bottle. That’s right, SEVEN POUNDS!!! For a Londoner, you don’t find things like this very often. In the south of France, Portugal, Spain, Italy – Yes. London, England – No.

    I let it breathe in a decanter for a few hours. I am not an expert on wine just yet, but can say that this beauty of a cheap find has very typical qualities of a Reserva Rioja: Hints of vanilla, cherries. I could definitely taste the liquorice, tobacco, but fortunately it was ready enough to drink that the oak taste had subsided considerably. Knowing that it is not a Grande Reserva, it still has a deep and complex flavour. I Totally agree with your mid eighties rating mark. This was a lovely treat for the price.

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