Quinta do Vale D. Maria Vintage Port 2003

Quinta do Vale D. Maria Vintage Port 2003

Cristiano van Zeller is a fairly big name in the Port game.  He was part owner in one of the most prestigious port houses, Quinta do Noval, for many years and branched out on his own in 1993.  He started off making table wines and when the lease came up on his wife's family vineyard, Qunta do Vale Dona Maria, they quickly took over and started a reno project. 

The wine is made in a more tradition way,foot trodding in concrette lagares etc, from vines from a particular area of the vineyard.

Now this is a port that is open for business.  Wide open.  I would challenge any wine lover to stop at one glass of this stuff.  Its full of raisins, currents, plum mixed with Christmas spice, hot cinnamon and black pepper.  Smooth and luscious, the tannins give great texture and the sweetness is well balanced by the acid and not over-powering.  There are some crunchy minerals and sarsaparilla/cola that add even more interest.  Great stuff, full of character and all the flavour you want in a good Vintage Port. 93 Pts.

Source: The Spanish Acquisition Price: $105 Closure: Conventional Cork

Web: www.valedonamaria.com

4 thoughts on “Quinta do Vale D. Maria Vintage Port 2003

  1. I’m really getting into these ‘new’ Portugese Ports…

    It was always supposed to be in this font, it is much easier for us 30 somethings to read!

  2. Dave,

    I am not sure how it will be 20 years from now. That is, in fact, the only thing that D. Maria Vintage still have to prove.

    Now… Noval is a different story.


    PS: Pintas Vintage 2003

  3. Yep, they don’t have the history yet, but everything else adds up to a very long lived Vintage. I have some old Noval stashed away, most of it still isn’t ready yet!

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