Rioja – Day 1

La Rioja day 2The first day of bodega visits today, very hectic but also very rewarding. We’ve been hampered by the bad weather, missed connections and cancelled flights, so we got to Rioja later than expected and have had to cram some visits in (or in today’s case miss one).

Regardless of travel woes, its great to be back in Rioja. I have forgotten just how lively and vibrant the place is, even in winter. The weather is spectacular, sunny but freezing cold. Perfect for walking around, taking photos and eating the odd bit of jamon. Highlight from today were lunch with the guys from Artadi and visits to all of the Eguren bodgeas (all 3.5 of them, one is still under construction). The low light was missing an appointment at Marques de Riscal, very poor form on my part. Tomorrow is Muga, Tondonia, Roda and Ramon Bilbao which will be a bit easier all being in walking distance of each other…

The photo is a view from the Vinos de Pagos bodega over the El Pundito vineyard to Paganos.

On a much sadder note, it is very strange to be over hear enjoying myself while fires are still raging not far from home. There is another post on the front page about the Australian Wine Trade Bushfire Raffle, I encourage anyone who hasn’t donated yet to buy a couple of tickets and if you win send the wine to your local CFA station. Those blokes (and girls) deserve a bloody good drink.

5 thoughts on “Rioja – Day 1

  1. hi dave great to know that you are having a good time; did you make it to campillo? ramon bilbao should be really good tomorrow (wish i was there with you)well great to read your post keep it coming if possible adios

  2. Robert, nice work. Not sure if we are going to make it, but we might have a chance tomorrow.

    Marcelo, Campillo is on Friday morning. Ramon Bilbao was excellent, not only did we have a great tasting, they have excellent jamon!

  3. Great to have you in country! Rioja is nice to be in any time of the year! Just make sure to make it to Calle Laurel for your food needs and life is good. :) Look forward to hearing all your adventures.

  4. The weather has been excellent, very sunny, no rain or snow. Perfect for taking photos and walking around.

    Calle Laurel has a fair bit of my shoe leather on it :) So does the horseshoe at Haro. I love those mushrooms!

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