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I attended The Spanish Aquisition 2005 Premiums Tasting on Monday and tasted a range of wines from the 2005 vintage in Spain and Portugal. And what a show it was, these 2005s are looking excellent and there is something here for everyone.

Here are some quick notes on the Spanish wines tasted, as usual no scores for this quick sip, slurp and spit type event. I'll post the Portuguese stuff tomorrow.

Capanes Lasandal 2005 – Raspberry, a bit of good wood and earthy/hot rock notes. Quite tight in the mouth with some fluffy tannins, some cherry, plum  and raspberry. Really like this.

Capanes Cabrida 2005 – Similar in stye to Lasandal, but a bit more serious. Showing herbs and spice with a bit of sars and chunky tannins. Very good.

Descendientes de José Palacios 'San Martin' single vineyard 2005 – Whoa, this is some serious stuff. Sweet cherry and mulberry with some blue fruits, quite musky and rich on the nose. Quite explosive on the palate with musk sticks blueberry, a touch of rasin and cherry cola. Powerful and plenty of tannins.  Excellent booze.

Palacios Remondo 'La Montesa' 2005 – This has opened up nicely, not looking as hardcore as my last look. Very good.

Palacios Remondo 'Propiedad' 2005 – Again looking a lot more open than my last look.

Telmo Rodriguez Lanzaga 2005 – Nicey nice on the nose, layers of aroma starting off with earthy cherry and mulberry then some herbs and liqourice followed by some nice wood. Very compelling.

Telmo Rodriguez Altos de Lanzaga 2005 – Vanilla, chocolate, esspresso, lots of high toast oak notes. Showing a lot of wood at the moment, with some great fruit underneath.

Telmo Rodriguez Pago la Jara 2005 - This is looking very good, the oak treatment is excellent and shows classic Toro characters of cola, dark cherry, big soft tannins and plenty of meaty, juby fruit.

Telmo Rodriguez M2 de Matallana 2005 – Looks a bit closed on the nose, earthy cherry and mulberry with some herbs. The palate is quite spicy with fine boned tannins, very long finish. Quite tight at the moment. Needs some time to sort it self out, but will be great.

Telmo Rodriguez Matallana 2005 – Spicey punes on the nose with a little nutmeg but otherwise similar to the M2. A bit raisiny on the palate with a big lick of minerals. Looks like its still in shipping shock a little.

Cillar de Silos Crianza 2005 – Class all the way, silky smooth with some animal notes, ripe cherry and currents. Very happy with this one.

Cillar de Silos Torresilo 2005 – as above, looking great and will only get better in the cellar.

Flor de Pingus – A bit introspective today, but still showing bucket loads of promise.

12 thoughts on “The Spanish Aquisition 2005 Premiums Tasting – Spanish

  1. Ryan,

    Yeah, an excellent line up. One of those tasting where you want a case of every wine in your cellar! It was Flor de Pingus 2005, in fact they are all 05s.

    Nuno, yep both of those are in there. I’m writing up the notes now, shouldn’t be long.

  2. Dave,
    The notes on the Matallana sound a little concerning. Have you had another chance to retaste?

  3. Yeah, it has really come into its own. It’s a pitty I don’t have any more in the cellar!

    I had a look at Altos de Lanzaga yesterday, and it’s looking like a real winner at the moment.

  4. I see Campbell recently went to a SA tasting where some of these were put on as well as the 05 Rodas. Did you manage to score an invite?

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