Valmiñor 2007

Valmiñor 2007 The number of retailer’s I’ve heard say “you’ll be on to a winner if you put some albariño underscrew cap and charge $20 for it” is amazing and they’re right. Well this goes halfway there, screwcap really suits the style too. Of course, I can’t really tell if it’s the vintage or the closure without a cork closed bottle to compare with, but this is the freshest tasting albariño I’ve had outside Spain or Portugal.

Fresh and crisp are the two best words for this. I could add early season peach, loads of minerals, lemon peel and a dash of kaffir lime leaves and all the usual albariño descriptors but that would complicate it too much.  This is classic valmiñor: tight and focused with intensely minerally acid and a long tangy finish of white peach and lime leaves.  Excellent stuff, almost Chablis like in character. I’m loving these 07 Albariños…92 Pts.

Source: The Spanish Acquisition Price: $34 Closure: Screwcap


16 thoughts on “Valmiñor 2007

  1. Valminor is my favourite Spanish albarino, I think, in a toss up with Fefinanes. I don’t know I’ve had the 2007 yet, but will have a look.

  2. You were quick off the mark! the 07 is only just out, I think you’ll like it. Very much like the 05.

    I really like the aromatics of Castro Martin and Martin Codax, the minerals and acid from Valminor and the completeness of Fefinanes. There are plenty of other good ones around too.

  3. Super wine, Dave, just tried some at a tasting in town recently. I described it as a ‘lean viognier’ to some friends who hadn’t tried albarino before and I think thats reasonably apt. They were dreadfully impressed with it, as was I. Must get some, especially as its under screwtop now.

  4. Yes, viognier does have that kind of polarising effect on people, doesn’t it ? Actually, I wonder if the viognier craze is over – there weren’t any at the tasting, as opposed to 1-2 local arneis’s, and 1-2 albarinos + the usual other white wine suspects ? Could be a trend….

  5. Yep, most people I know can’t stand it. There have been one or two that I’ve liked tho, and I wouldn’t mind having a look at some of the good french stuff.

    I’m hoping people are grafting their viognier over to albarino! I have a local one coming up next week…

  6. Hi John,

    Quick notes from my notebook:

    “Tight and flinty, plenty of white peach and green pear, nice florals and a bit of kaffir lime leaf complexity. Long and tangy with good texture, lemon and limey. Good acid profile that is similar to the 04. 91-92 Pts.”

    I’ll do a full note soon…

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